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Operations Manager

Lauri started with Sit Means Sit in 2014 as a client with her two pitbull mixes, Fiona and Harley.  As we often hear from people calling us, SMS was her last resort.  Several other training facilities were not able to help with Harley’s fear aggression and had no idea how to train Fiona, who is deaf.  Lauri signed up for private lessons with Harley and an immersion program for Fiona. Training was such a success that when we were looking to add office help, Lauri was interested. Since 2015, we’ve been lucky to have Lauri, who left her corporate job of 17 years to come work for the company that changed her life for the better. The best part of her day is helping others transform their lives and the lives of their dogs.  In 2023, Lauri added a new pup to her pack, Vinny, a rescued pocket pit with loads of energy.

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