Puppy Training in Detroit, MI

At Sit Means Sit Detroit, we provide American Kennel Club (AKC) S.T.A.R puppy classes. STAR stands for Socialization, Training, Activity, and Responsibility.

In the S.T.A.R puppy classes, you will learn how to guide behavior to start your puppy off on the right paw. Starting training early is key to creating a canine companion that you can be proud of for their entire life.

What Do We Cover in Our Classes?

We cover all the basic puppy skills you would expect, as well as some other topics you may not have even considered. Some examples include:

  • Housetraining and crate training
  • Behavior problem prevention
  • Impulse control
  • Mental and physical exercise
  • Socialization in many different forms to prepare your puppy for all of life’s situations
  • The basics of grooming, nutrition, and health decisions
  • And, of course obedience training (recall, walking, sit and down, place)

Benefits of Our Puppy Classes:

  • Choose from 4, 6, or 8 sessions programs to tailor to your puppy’s needs, based on their age and breed.
  • We provide rolling enrollment, so you can choose when to start.
  • You will receive a puppy class orientation video so that you will know what to expect on your first night of class.
  • The class size is limited, with a low puppy-to-teacher ratio.
  • Earn a place on our Socialization Honor Roll.
  • Your pup can receive puppy class extra credit.
  • Access to articles on troubleshooting common puppy problems.
  • A variety of enrichment exercises so that classes are more engaging each week.
  • Credits on adult training packages.

Why Our Instructors & Facility?

When Should Your Puppy Start Classes?

We allow puppies between 10 and 22 weeks of age to start our classes. However, it is ideal for puppies to begin class around 12 weeks of age. Your puppy’s socialization window begins to close after this period, so starting around 12 weeks gives your pup the best opportunity to become a happy and confident dog. 

Ready to Register?

First, we need to determine how many sessions are appropriate for your puppy.

  1. Check out our available start dates here.
  2. Determine the age your puppy will be on the first night of your preferred class. We have simplified this by providing a calculator that uses your puppy’s date of birth to give you their current age.
  • Puppies 10-14 weeks old on the first day of class should register for 8 sessions
  • Puppies 15-18 weeks old on the first day of class should register for 6 sessions
  • Puppies 19-20 weeks old on the first day of class should register for 4 sessions
  • Puppies 21-22 weeks old on the first day of class AND are expected to weigh less than 40 lbs as adults are welcome to register for 4 sessions

Please note: We do not offer refunds for math errors, though we will provide you with a credit in those situations. If you have any questions about how many classes to register for, call or text our office at 248-688-9450 ext. 101

Pricing for Puppy Class

4 sessions: $199

6 sessions: $299

8 sessions: $399 and also include a digital workbook entitled, “Raise Your Puppy Resilient”

Our classes are size-limited and fill up fast.  Click here to choose your class, pay, and complete registration online.

Once we receive notice your registration is complete, we will contact you via email with additional information.

Current Clients

Sit Means Sit Detroit clients who have trained with us before are eligible for $25 off!  Call, text, or email the office to receive a discount code to enter at checkout.

Call: 248-688-9450 ext. 101

Text: 248-688-9450

Email: MetroDetroitOffice@SitMeansSit.com

Please Note: Due to AKC regulations, puppies attending the 4 session program will not be eligible for the AKC S.T.A.R award. Learn more about the AKC S.T.A.R puppy program.

Puppies must have a veterinarian to participate, and your vet will decide which vaccinations are needed for your puppy based on their health, breed, and age.

If you have littermates, we strongly encourage you to enroll in separate classes.

Cancellation Policy:  If cancellation is requested less than 7 days from the first day of class, a fee of $50 will be retained