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About Our Immersion Board and Train Dog Training

Enroll your dog in the Immersion Board and Train program so they can learn while having fun. Your pup will stay with us Monday through Friday for two weeks (some circumstances may require additional time) where they will receive hands-on training from our certified dog trainers. We can even board your dog over the weekends if needed! To get the most out of this immersive program, it is only available for dogs six months and older.

This type of training opportunity allows clients to pass the responsibility of training over to our expert trainers and utilize their skills at a very high level.

All our Immersion programs include both private lessons and group training, so your furry friend will get a well-rounded training experience. You can feel confident that your investment in training will continue to pay dividends throughout your dog’s life. 

Clients Find Immersion Board and Train Suitable for a Number of Reasons:

  • Have a vacation scheduled?
  • Have problems with consistency?
  • Have a crazy household or varying schedule?

Why Choose Our Immersion Board and Train?

We take the comfort and safety of the dogs in our care very seriously.

  • Our combined training staff has decades of experience in caring for and training dogs
  • We play specially selected music and audiobooks to relax our guests
  • The “Immersion Inn” is air-conditioned and heated
  • We use some of the same cleaning products utilized by veterinarians 
  • All of our building materials were selected for safety and hygiene
  • Our Inn is monitored 24/7 with audio, video, temperature, and carbon monoxide monitoring
  • We have a PetAirapy system for UV-C germ control
  • We have a refrigerator to accommodate dogs with special diets
  • We take seriously and believe in clients’ commitment to keeping their animals intact and do not discriminate based on spay/neuter status

Our Detroit Location Provides Unique Amenities:

  • Weather permitting, we utilize the Clinton River Trail as part of our training on a daily basis.
  • In case of any issues, a veterinary clinic is located within a one-minute drive of our facility. 
  • Our training floor is a sealed rubber floor, which ensures dogs’ safety during training and playtime.

We can discuss any specific questions and costs during your free demonstration.

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Any Age. Any Breed. Any Problem.

We train all dogs, regardless of age, breed, or behavioral issue. Whether you're looking to start your puppy on a path to lifelong success or want to teach your older dog some new tricks, we've got you covered.

Obedience & Behavior Management

We provide individualized one-on-one dog training programs tailored to meet your unique goals and specific needs.

Group Training

Our follow-up group training continues after our one-on-one training programs to ensure you and your dog continue to achieve your training goals.

Meet Our

Trainers & Staff

Our certified Sit Means Sit Dog Training staff has extensive experience in resolving dog obedience issues such as:

  • Jumping
  • Barking
  • Leash Pulling
  • Counter surfing
  • People aggression
  • Dog aggression
  • New Puppy Problems
  • Housebreaking
  • Basic Commands
  • High Energy
  • Anxiety
  • And More!

Learn more about our team or jump start your training by scheduling a free evaluation today!


Amy Owner & Head Puppy Instructor

Amy holds a Bachelor’s degree in English from Oakland University. Despite a successful business in the financial field, Amy decided to pursue her passion – dogs. Amy attended the Sit Means Sit school in June of 2008. She’s been a speaker at the regional and national Sit Means Sit conferences for several years. Amy has… Read More


Nick Owner & Head Trainer

With thousands of dogs trained since 2008, Nick’s experience with all types of dogs, obedience issues and behavior modification makes him a sought-after trainer and speaker. Nick is an avid volunteer at local and national Leonberger shows, as well as being asked to handle other people’s dogs in the show ring. Nick enjoys working with… Read More

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Sit means sit has been the best dog training I have experienced. I have two polar opposite dogs – 1 happy go lucky golden and 1 not so friendly mini Aussie mix and SMS has really helped with how to deal with all different temperaments. We love coming every week to dog training as the trainers and dog handlers all love what they do!

- Chelsea P.
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Loved the puppy class! They keep the size of the class small. I’ve been to another puppy class company and they had way too many dogs! Also, they allowed supervised play time which really gave me confidence to have my puppies around other dogs. We’ll done trainers!

- Carol S.
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